Combo Support Plans

Server Sitters Launches New Support Combo Plans

You need support for your business and Server Sitters is here to provide just what you need. With our new Combo Plans, you can mix and match services to get just what you need. Instead of paying for each service separately, which can get expensive, you can save money by using our combo plans.

What are Combo Support Plans?

Since every business is different and requires a different type of support, combo plans help to make choosing the right support easier. With a combo support plan, you get to choose how much support you need and which types of support you prefer. Whether you prefer live chat, phone support or a ticket system, you can combine these options to fit your needs perfectly.

With the combo support plans from Server Sitters, you will not only save money, but also be able to provide the best possible support for your customers. Better support means more sales and better customer retention. The combo support plans are an easier way to mix and match the services you need to ensure the support your customers receive is the best it can be.

Control Panels

Our agents are highly trained server administrations with experience in cPanel, Plesk, Hsphere and many of the other leading web applications.

24/7/365 Rapid Response

We provide a true 24/7/365 web hosting support solution that utilizes the best support agents in North America.

14 Years in The Industry

We are the industry leader in web hosting support and outsourced support solutions. We have over 14 years of experience and we provide support for some of the largest and oldest hosting brands online

Combo Support Plans Overview

Starter Plan


  • 25 Tickets
  • 25 Live Chats
  • 100 Minutes
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Business Plan


  • 50 Tickets
  • 50 Live Chats
  • 200 Minutes
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Hosting Guru Plan


  • 250 Tickets
  • 250 Live Chats
  • 1000 Minutes
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Just Some Of The Support We Provide

  • Password Resets
  • Resending Welcome Letters
  • Firewall (csf/bfd) Management
  • MySQL Configuration
  • Connectivity Issues
  • IIS Restarts
  • DNS Troubleshooting
  • Email Setup
  • Virus Scanning (maldet)
  • Backing Up Accounts
  • Restoring Accounts
  • FTP Setup and Configuration
  • Virtual Nameservers
  • CRONTAB Changes
  • Detailed Log Analysis
  • htaccess configuration

Server Sitters Guarantee

We guarantee that you'll be 100% satisfied with our support solutions.

  • 100% North American Support
  • Real 24/7/365 Technical Support
  • Industry Leader with 14 years of Experience
  • cPanel Certified Technicians
  • Linux Server Administrators

Bundling Provides Easier Support Set Up

When you choose just one support option, it has to be set up and implemented to your specifications. If you were to add a second support option, at a later date, this would require more set up time and more money out of your pocket. With our new mix and match combo support plans, this isn't an issue any longer. Bundling your support services means faster set up times, lower set up costs and easier implementation of your new support options. Whether you just want us to provide you with a ticket system and live chat or you prefer to use phone support, as well, the set up time and set up costs will be reduced with the combo support plans.

How do the Combo Support Plans Work?

Server Sitters offers four different mix and match combo support plans you can choose from. They range in price and support options to fit all business sizes. With plenty of options available, you can simply choose the plan that fits your needs and we will take care of the rest. Whether you require unlimited support or you're just getting started, we have a combo support plan perfect for you.

Features of Our Combo Support Plans

All of our combo support plans include plenty of features, such as:

  • 100% English Support
  • 24/7 x 365 Support
  • Branded Support
  • Our Friendly Staff
  • Reduced Overhead
  • And More!

You have the ability to provide the best possible support for your customers with our combo support plans.

What Type of Support do we Offer?

At Server Sitters, we provide all the major types of support for your needs. Our support options include:

  • Helpdesk
  • Telephone
  • Live Chat
  • Server Monitoring

All of our support options are branded to fit your specific business perfectly. We make sure your customers receive the absolute best support and our staff is comprised of industry leaders that are ready to help you increase your sales and retain your customers.

Set Yourself Apart with Top Support from Server Sitters

The increasingly competitive world of web hosting makes it hard for businesses to compete with price and features. However, when you offer the best possible technical support, you gain a competitive edge. With the combo support plans from Server Sitters, you now have the ability to offer multiple support options for a lower price.

Since we brand the support to fit your company, your customers get the support they need from your business. We make it easy for you to provide the best possible support from trusted experts in the field. Whether you're just starting out or you're ready to grow to the next level, Server Sitters is ready to help.

When you offer 24/7/365 support and you advertise that you have experts ready to help via phone, live chat and email, you'll set your company apart from all the rest. This makes it easier to retain customers and convert new visitors into new customers. Our team will help on both ends.

Adding the live chat option has been shown to increase sales and conversions. With our new combo support plans, you can bundle all the right support services to fit your specific needs. If you want to provide your customers with the best support in the industry, Server Sitters is the right choice.

Server Sitters is an Outsourced Hosting Support provider. We provide outsourced hosting support and specialize in hosting support for web hosting companies that require Helpdesk Support, Telephone Support Services or want to Outsource Chat Support.